Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Missing Step

 Most monkeys see the end result but attempt to skip the middle (and most valuable) steps.
Most just see a guy and all that he has and then seek to emulate the lifestyle they imagine the other guy having.
This is why many poor people are fixated with material goods - even if they stay broke buying them.
Many imagine that having the same goods as a successful person makes them successful as well.
Uh uh, brohammas,
I don't view money as anything other than a tool with which one seeks to reach his goal of having a good quality of life.
But just as I have to visibly work in order for my young nieces and nephews to understand that I do more than go to lunch or to nightclubs - I have to visibly work in order for those I help to understand that one does not become comfortable by buying more useless stuff.

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Freeman said...

YES! Otherwise it's Magic without the middle steps. You have to be a visible mentor so they see what the right way looks like. You have to be the shining example of the right way so they imitate it.

We know they want it as they are willing to look like it without having it. We just have to stop being so arrogant and humble ourselves so we do the steps we already mastered if only to show them the breadcrumbs.

We have to use the same tactics that lead most people to doing wrong in order to get them to do right. Same marketing ploys, same lies, same exaggerations and same false promises. It's called being a shepherd... sometimes we have to tell them the grass is greener when we were trying to get them away from the wolves. I'm not so worried about what comes of the lie as long as it moves everyone forward.