Thursday, September 30, 2010

U R GAY! (Not That There's Anything Wrong With That.)

 Anyone so interested in his (gay/bi) roommate having sex with another man that he would install a camera to watch the act must himself be gay.
The dude is thrilled to get to watch a man have sex with another man?
 Some may say that the students who recorded and posted the video were just curious.
Maybe Molly Wei was curious.
Honestly, if I see two women having sex - I'm stopping to look.
I'd be curious.

I went to an extremely religious college.
As a prank, we would take bags of frogs we'd find and fill the rooms of those who lived in our dorm.
One evening, as we were dumping bags full of frogs into the rooms of our friends, we heard moaning and groaning.
We were curious to see what all the commotion was about so we looked into the window of the adjacent dorm room.
As we noticed one guy blowing another guy, we gasped... a little too loudly.
But we didn't stay and watch - we jumped to the ground below and ran until we could find a safe place to confirm that we had seen what we had thought we saw.
As we gathered ourselves, a big assed Samoan dude ran up to us to ask if we had seen someone jump from the balcony above.
I had stopped to talk to talk to a a couple of girls who were parked in front of the dorms and told them to act as though they were dropping me off after some event.
When I told the guy that I had just arrived and had no idea what he was talking about, he turned to find those who could ruin his reputation.
Straight guys don't stay to watch - straight guys turn away.
But Dharun Ravi is just gay.
Maybe he was hoping to entice other guys into participating in his personal enjoyment of watching two guys getting it on.
Maybe he was hoping to shine a light on Tyler's sexual preference so that others would not notice that his own were questionable.
If your reaction to watching two gays having sex is "Yay" - chances are, YOU'RE GAY!


amanda said...

Oh surely not. I would get a lot of pleasure from watching two men getting it on and I am certainly not gay ;-)

Still it is very sad that the fear of the reactions from his family and friends led this young man to do something so awful.

Val said...

I don't think Dharun Ravi is gay, I think he's mean.

CNu said...

He enforced "don't ask, don't tell" social taboos because he and others were disgusted and he objected to what was going on in the room he was compelled to share with someone whose practices disgusted him.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Miss AJ - Just as I wouldn't be repulsed by seeing two women together - I get the attraction.
And yeah... sad that the kid didn't havr friends or family around to help him get over this, or atleast to beat the other kid's ass.

@ Val - I think he was probably teased a lot about being soft himself so he felt the need to bully someone else.
Either that or some Eddie Long-type denial was going on.

@ SeeNew - Feining disgust...
The dude could watch and then take the time to post a video on YouTube?
Nah man... he was asking and telling.
He was just trying to prove how gay he wasn't by pointing to someone even more gay.

KonWomyn said...

Indeed, these are the actions of a repressed homosexual.

CNu said...


Why y'all have to go in so hard on DeeVee like that, huh?!?!?!?!

CNu said...


ther1 said...

If Ravi had sent his video to me, I would just ask why in the world he thought that was worth seeing. I'm a woman but I wouldn't watch those two guys getting it on out of sheer disgust for Ravi's defensive pettiness.