Sunday, September 12, 2010


In an effort to imitate the breast size and shape seen in Victoria's Secret ads - many inventors have come up with ways for regular women to enhance the appearance of their tiddies.
Apparently, better breasts are a billion dollar business.
Some of the novelties are a bit humorous.
It seems that women use everything from;
 "Chicken Cutlets" - to lift ones breasts,
 "Pasties" - to hide ones nipples,
"Tiddy Tape" (Bare Lifts) - to lift ones boobs,
to a scarf-life apparatus attached to ones bra (Cleavage Coverups) to hide all the efforts one has made in the first place.

What's all this fuss about tiddies?
I know, I know...
many men revert to their childhoods when they see them.
Tiddies were the source of ones nourishment, a source of heat and a place of comfort when we were babies.
But now it seems that an easy way to make a nice chunk of change would be to invent something which as something to do with boobs.
("Boob Hustle"?- FreeMan?)


D.Freeman said...

You email me the angle on the boob hustle and I'll put it up!

I think the recession will slow all this disposable thinking down to a crawl. When you have plenty of money and time you start to pick yourself apart. Everyone makes money on women and their insecurities as they seem to believe everything that makes them feel lesser than.

DPizz said...

What about booty-pops?