Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not Good Looking

I've been taken to task by many of my female friends and relatives for my comments about Gabby Sidibe's Elle Magazine cover shoot.
But I'll own my comments and, while subjective, still believe them to be true.
One of my cousin's cousins noted that she (my c/c) could be accepted more readily because big girls are now getting their shine on in the mainstream media.
A woman noted in the media as weighing between 250-350 lbs is now the role model for health and beauty for many from this ever increasingly obese generation?
Maybe some people should Google "Side Effects of Being Fat" before they choose to take Gabby's path to fame.


Mr. Noface said...

Funny thing about this girl. Gabby will be seen as a big beautiful woman (being called beautiful IMHO out of pity) until she goes on some miracle diet or undergoes some radical surgery and loses all that weight to (possibly) become truly attractive (in the purely aesthetic sense).

CNu said...


you don't buy the premise that if you put enough frosting on a turd that it will be magically transformed into a cake?!?!?!


uglyblackjohn said...

@ NoFace - Big girls always claim to be happy with themselves but then they try to lose weight.
Oprah and Mo'Nique, Star Jones...

@ SeeNew - Nope, not at all.
But it seems that many people do.

Mr. Noface said...


I see it like this. When these women are unwilling or unable to lose weight they try convince (force) everyone else accept that they are fine the way they are. When they lose the weight, the give permission to the public to stop pretending that their former state was a desirable one. It is very insidious when you think about it and as you said, very damaging to your average big girl who buys into it.