Friday, September 17, 2010

Tom Robinson Did It

Blame an unknown Black guy, it's an easy out.
From Bonnie Sweeten and Susan Smith blaming 'Tom Robinson' for kidnapping them and their children, to Ashley Todd blaming the same guy for carving an Etruscan "B" on her face, to Sgt. Robert Ralston claiming that Tom had shot him as well - now we find out that Bethany Storro would go to any length to get attention... by blaming Tom Robinson.
Looks like Atticus Finch is going to be a busy man.
And Nicole Brown Simpson... umm.. err.. welll...,
maybe she could make such a claim.


D.Freeman said...

This is like every Black Man's fear for some white woman to randomly say you did it and next thing you know you are in jail. This is why I don't even do much interaction because it's a liability.

I have had friends who got sent up on rape cases only to find out when they went to court it was with consent. So I'll read the writing on the wall and stop playing those games.

DPizz said...

O.J. was found NOT GUILTY biiiitch! Furman killed Biggie.