Monday, September 20, 2010

Man is an Animal

No one would blame this pack of dogs for sniffing around  if Lady Gaga walked into their kennel wearing her infamous meat dress.
The dogs may not even intend to take a sample.
Their only intent could have been to investigate that which they intuitively find to be attractive.
I'm not saying that 'harassing" a woman is acceptable under any conditions - but how did Ines expect the testosterone abundant Jets to react?


D.Freeman said...

Great analogy as I say that to my neices! A man doesn't need much to think you're interested in him and in fact they are dillusional to believe No means maybe. So you have to make sure you never rile up their testosterone..

So in my family all women never look at a man in the eye unless they are family. Now some may think this is archaic but the women in my family passed this down saying it works. If a man still pursues you after that call your brother or any other man to beat the logic into them.

So this woman goes against the nature of Men period. Yeah it would be nice if all your dogs would remained trained but the more dogs you have the more there will be a tidal wave of testosterone.

Anonymous said...

If I were in my locker room undressing and a woman came in wearing that outfit, I say I am the one being harassed.

Val said...

"...but how did Ines expect the testosterone abundant Jets to react?"

Like professionals.

D.Freeman said...

@Val - Professional Athletes? Isn't that a oxymoron? You have 21 year old men with millions of dollars who wear jewelry and drive luxury cars and still play Playstation with their buddies...

What kind of professionalism can you expect from a man like that?

DPizz said...

Your other post said it better, which was essentially, if you dress like hoochie skripper, don't be surprised if you get treated like one.

You kind of have to be professional to expect to be treated professionally. This reporter has a history of questionable antics, in addition to inappropriate dress (jumping into players' arms, etc.) that call her professionalism into question.

To Ines credit, she was not the one making a big deal over this, apparently it was one of the other female reporters that doesn't get this kind of attention that made a big deal about it.

I for one aint mad at her, but don't try to cry foul when she is obviously using her sexuality to advance her career.