Monday, February 22, 2010

Tea Baggers Have No Game ?

A recent comment by SeeNew put it all into perspective.
Those Tea Baggers aren't really mad at the government itself - they are mad that they are not the key holders to the government themselves.
Most see Obama and Steele in positions once reserved for only a certain group.
Even if these people were never capable of attaining that level themselves - most assumed a sense of "Success by Association".
Most saw themselves as part of the elite based on prevailing social factors.

But as the game became more complex and required more speed and agility - some have chosen to form their own own league.
The old leagues (political parties) have become overrun by those who are not "Real Americans".
So what's left to do?
Start a new league reserved for those who lack the ability to adapt?
Attempt to take the ball and run home?
Maybe even burn down a few churches or blow up some buildings.
What else can one do when they realize that they are not capable of competing in a non-fixed game?


Reggie said...

I'm hoping they do form their own political party. If they did that they'd probably split the redneck vote down the middle. They'd take the radicals and the diehard rednecks would probably stick to the Republican Party.

Yeah that would be pretty sweet.

Val said...

I don't think the tea party will become an actual Party. They are a bunch of pissed off old White people. In order to establish a new Party they at least need a few young people.

So they will end up just being a bunch of old White people bitchin' and moanin' about everything.

DPizz said...

I don't know if I agree with your entire premise. I think the TeaBaggers are right about the established parties. Both parties are corrupt, ineffective and beholden to special interests. The desire to break from the established parties seems valid to me. It's the ideals that they are adopting that reflect their fears, close mindedness,prejudices and some of the things you allude to. At the same time, they seem to be attracting all the hateful elements that you highlight.

I suspect there is an equal number of people, or more, that want to also break from the established parties but adopt more liberal or libertarian principals. This is reflected in the swelling numbers of voters registering as Independents. People have become disgusted with both parties.

A new league is needed, cause the old league is fixed by money. Most of the American population is so fucking stupid, you can buy them with a sound bite. The problem is that apparently most of the TeaBaggers want to start a new league like the leagues from the 1920's, those leagues that only Whites could play in. They want to roll back time to when only Whites mattered in society, when they were the gate keepers. I agree with in this respect.

Mr. Noface said...

Do you think that this ties into the current issue being touted by the MSM that a majority of Americans believe that our government is broken? Personally I don't understand (I do, but it's just foolishness to me) how it is only NOW that our government is broken and not during the eight years of the previous administration.

IMO the only reason there is even a Tea Party (for a large majority of it's supporters) is because joining the KKK is no longer in style.

uglyblackjohn said...

Well, the government IS broken and too big.
If you dent your own car,
you'll be mad.
If someone else dented your your car,
you'd be really mad.
What TeaBaggers are upset about is that someone else is driving.
(And that that someone else has done more than they ever will.)

Mr. Noface said...

You would think that they wouldn't mind that someone else in the driver's seat, or maybe I've been putting too much stock in the truth behind the film "Driving Miss Daisy".

Anonymous said...

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