Sunday, November 29, 2009


How could USC win all of it's "Big" games (and probably it's Bowl game) and still have a terrible season?
With wins over Ohio State, Notre Dame, and now UCLA - the Trojans should have had a great season.
But the thing is - USC failed to win the games that really shouldn't have mattered at all.

1 Florida - Beat the stew out of a Florida State team that may be signing a new coach to replace the aged Bobby Bowden.
1 Alabama - Won it's rivalry game over Auburn 26-21 - setting up it's place in the real Championship game (SEC Championship) against Florida.
3 Texas - Held off a surprising A&M team to remain the second best team in it's state.
4 TCU - Won an easy practice game against New Mexico 51-10. With a loss by Texas to Nebraska in the Big 12 Championship game, the Horned Frogs could well be booking a trip to Pasadena against the winner of the semi-final game (Bama v. Fla.).
5 Cincinnati - Remained unbeaten by showing Illinois how big-time football is played (By a medium-time program.).
6 Boise St - With a win over Nevada, the Broncos remain undefeated but still miss the Big Dance. With only one loss in the last three years - will the Broncos ever get any respect?

But the week wasn't all bad for Trojan fans;
Stanford (W 45-38), more than likely, convinced Notre Dame that Charlie Weiss' contract should not require them to continue to settle for being an also ran.
And in the "Mormon Bowl", BYU beat Utah 26-23!


doll said...


the Ohio/BYU game was a nail biter but it fit with the photos!

doll said...


I seem to have had Ohio on the brain just lately of course I meant Utah.

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