Friday, August 14, 2009


I still see these shirts on the block, but do those wearing them even understand the sentiment?
Simple, three words.
What part of "We" went missing?
Doesn't it imply (Well... really, state) some sort of participation besides wearing a t-shirt?
What actions are those wearing such shirts taking for themselves?
Or was the race won on election day?


FreeMan said...

The race was won on election day. You might as well have a Can't Touch This tshirt. Obama ran as pop music campaign with internet and happy white people swaying to a Black theme. Now go ahead and put in Who Let the Dogs Out, Macarena and any other one hit wonder.

The WE are waiting for the next big call to arms by their favorite Pop Star Obama. We'll see if he has a second song because it's rare!

uglyblackjohn said...

But FreeMan... do YOU have and wear an Obama shirt?
I don't.
But I go out and try to make a real and lasting change instead.
It's just odd that those who seem the most exicited are the ones doing the least.

FreeMan said...

Nope I don't even have a sticker as I felt like I was back in time with my friends wearing anything that dealt with the UP In Smoke tour!

That symbol inspired a lot of people and now you know why I don't want to inspire but just change things through their environment!