Friday, August 14, 2009

Pop Culture Rundown

When did Scary J. Blige start writing books?

Sick of watching re-runs of Pookie, NeNe and dem (Although, I kinda' like Sheree.),
I went into the other room to catch Bully Beatdown on MTV.
I can deal with a bad mutha' fucka' - but I hate a mouth.
I just sat and giggled my ass off as bullies get whooped by MMA fighters.
Have an abortion - keep your job.
Engage in a dog fighting ring - lose your job, go to prison, get a new job (but get protested against).


brohammas said...

I hope this guy gets protested even more. I hope so many Eagle fans are pissed that Vick signed that they give up their tickets.
I hope it gets so bad that they have to drop th eticket prices to the basement so I can afford to go watch him myself.

(I really hope that by the end of the season Vick is starting and I don't have to deal with Donovan McWhine)

FreeMan said...

I don't know the big one wrote a book either. What advice can she give. I personally like the fine one who is the real estate agent Sheree looks like a damn llama or something.

Man I'm so disgusted with the Vick news conference. First he went to jail for two years then he has to get on TV and emasculate himself so people who let dogs lick their face can feel pacified.

Emasculation is the removal of the genitalia (castration) of a male, notably the penis and/or the testicles.

I hope he has a drink, kicks a dog, goes to the titty bar, and strangles a white lady. I hope he spits in these bastards face and plays golf with OJ when this is all over. But for now get your millions back as the NFL tries to put a happy face off of getting a great player for 1/100th of his worth!

uglyblackjohn said...

@ brohammas - How do you guys lose Iverson and then get Vick?
I though Philly was trying to change it's image.

@ FreeMan - Sheree ain't pretty, I know.
But there is someting about her that I like (Except when she went all ghetto on that party planner).

Vick will be fine.
He's jumped through all the right hoops.
I don't see it as a total loss of his manhood - it's more of a short term loss for a long term gain. Sometimes you gotta' just listen to all the ish talking until you can shut them all up.

FreeMan said...

@UBJ - Sheree is a "G", she is operating like a guy and doesn't have any real feminine traits except her frame. They all make me laugh because it seems like they are trying to hard but it's TV so it's for 5K a pop for them and that's a good hustle.

I'm with you but if someone keeps asking him what is he going to do to change things I am going to fly to Philly and protest the protestors. I have a friend out there who told me we should go out there and call all the PETA people racist and then they won't come out anymore.