Friday, August 7, 2009

Shopping Cart Theory

I wonder if people live their lives the way they handle a shopping cart?

Mr./Ms Oblivious -
Have you ever been behind someone small in stature in an isle who is incessantly talking on their phone and seems oblivious to everyone around them?
This person blocks the isles and expects everyone to work around their way of doing things.
To them, their business is the most important business in the world.
This person often runs into other shoppers and causes accidents - but it is always someone else's fault.
I wonder if this is how they drive a car?
Or if this is how they manage their relationships with others?

Big Walker -
This is the person who takes way too much time choosing between the double-mocha fudge with white chocolate covered almonds and the French vanilla with chocolate covered peanuts and crumbled wedding cake flavoured ice creams.
This person will stop in the middle of the isle in order to take in all that is available.
This person then has to put items back at the check out line.
This person takes up way too much time and space but apologizes (but does the same thing every week) to all around them.
Is this the man or woman who always seems to have to stop their car in the middle of the street to talk to their homeboy or girl about what they just finished talking to them about five minutes ago?

I'm sure their are many examples - but these two seem to bother me the most.
Okay, it's not really a theory - just a thought.
But how much can we tell about a person by the way they handle a shopping cart (or what they put in it)?


brohammas said...

here is my favorite twist... take OneCHele's second example and add a five year old and 1 1/2 year old to the mix.

Thars how you get videos of kids gettin a beat down in the parking lot.

CNu said...

Nice one mayne.

I'm the family grocery shopper and make that move on my way home from work where I have cause to think every single one of these thoughts every single day....,