Saturday, August 1, 2009

Trust Me

Rumours, lies and gossip.
Is this what our news agencies are reduced to?
A couple of bloggers may have the scoop on the most recent speculation regarding Sarah Palin.
I don't know, but with the recent scoops by rags such as the National Enquirer and TMZ - maybe this is a case of "Where there is smoke...".
If proven to be true, it would appear to be another black eye for the "Family Values" candidate.
A daughter who is a babymama and rumoured affairs?
Hmm... maybe she really is just like the rest of us.

But articles in the New York Daily News (Owned by conservative commentator Mortimer Zuckerman) and the Christian Science Monitor, in addition to comments on her official FaceBook page, vehemently deny such allegations.

1 comment:

FreeMan said...

She was an imaginary person when they found her, they trumped up her life and now maybe all this attention has led to the destruction of her marriage! Shit, just ask John and Kate what too much attention can do.

Although I don't agree with her politics it's still a bad outcome. Even I want the ignorant to live in peace!