Thursday, August 13, 2009

Marlboro & Old Spice

I sat through an hour and a half of rednecks who smelled of Marlboro cigarettes and Old Spice cologne,
and all I got was the t-shirt shown above.
Now I see where Sarah Palin gets her base.

It really wasn't that bad.
When I walked in, I received a reaction similar to when those guys from Animal House walked into that all-Black bar.
But I think the Billy-Bobs were more fearful than angry.

Everyone stared in an effort to gauge my response to each comment made.
I just laughed at the hype-men who feigned anger in an effort to instigate a reaction from the crowd.
Bottom line?
A little pepper ruins a nice cup of tea.


Freeman said...

LOL, you ruined their Tea Party huh? Makes me remember when Forrest Gump ruined the Black Panther Party!

If they had to filter their responses because you were around then you know it has nothing to do with the issues and more with race. If they are just arguing over taxes then why would that offend you at all right?

Tea Party aka another name for bigots.

Max Reddick said...

Fear often articulates itself as anger. And that is the dangerous part. Fear will force people to do things they would otherwise not do. And when the flames of fear are stoked by those attempting to use that fear to their own diabolical ends, it is even more frightening.

brohammas said...

I'm no tea party guy, but just to give the benefit of the doubt... and give me a chance here:
Conservatives know they get called racist whether they are or not. (In case you were wondering, they are not all racist, we can argue about that later).
With this knowledge, the presence of a black person could easily cause discomfort not because the black person would not be welcome, but becauseit assumed a black person hates your Republican behind. Of course they are going to watch you to see if you really are on their side or just there to antagonize and nit pick a reason to call them racist. Conservative egg shells if you will.

So it would very likely not be "O crap, stop being racist", but " O crap, he's going to try to twist us into racists."

All that being said, Sonny Perdue in Ga made returning the rebel flag to the GA state flag part of his Republican platform... so I'll shut up now.

FreeMan said...

@Brohammas - I realize conservatives are not all racist ish I'm conservative myself. It's just we know most of the bigots hide their bigotry within the conservative ranks. We also see that most conservatives are not so open to other races. We also see that most conservatives couch their anger in words or phrases that come out a politically correct way but really mean something else.

How about we just call them culturally insensitive! I think that's a nice clean phrase instead of bigot or racist!

CNu said...

Bro. Makheru offered up this teaching moment at DV's';

For example, how many of us have heard of The Family?

[What’s most disturbing about it, though, is that we see that the sort of fundamentalist front within the military and the Family, in fact, are not two separate tracks, but very closely linked. Even the biggest and sort of most militant group within the military, called Officers’ Christian Fellowship, 15,000 officers, when we traced it back and looked at their history, we discovered that some of their seed money, some of their early ideas, the organizing initiatives, all come from the Family. So you see, in effect, that the Family is working in all fronts, not just in Congress and in business and overseas, but also in the military. So you take those ideas, and you put guns next to them, and it becomes very frightening.] – Jeff Sharlet

If we know the racial predispositions of the plantation owner/operators, do the racial predispositions of the field hands even matter?

FreeMan said...

@CNU - I might argue the same point of knowing the racial predispositions of the owners but every time I bring that up someone will kumbaya me with everyone is not like that. It's never been a all or nothing kind of argument but it's always been a all or nothing way to proceed when faced with the problem. Can't sit back sifting and personally interviewing people, have to decide if they are with them then they are against us!

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Max - It seemed to me that many people were acting in the way that they THOUGHT they were supposed to act.
It seemed that many were adopting the affectation of anger when in reality they were just as confused as the next guy.

@ brohammas - I've noticed the same thing when I run all-Black clubs.
When a white guy walks in, most free conversation becomes guarded.

@ FreeMan - I've been saying it for years...Most Blacks ARE conservative - just not Republican.

@ SeeNew - Yeah, Bro Makheru has schooled me several times here at my own spot.

FreeMan said...

@UBJ - I agree, and in fact that's why shame still exists in the Black community. We don't agree with a lot of things that go on it's just we get drowned out by the ghetto streetlife.

Mr. Noface said...

LOL! Was there country music playing that unceremoniously stopped when you walked in (like in Another 48 Hours)? 'Cause that would have been hilarious to see.

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