Friday, August 14, 2009

Is THAT Your Final Answer ?

My young male cousins learned a lesson from an even younger female cousin.
After a week spent;
shopping for and buying school clothes for kids,
chauffeuring kids around for shots,
making repairs on old people's homes,
and baby-sitting little kids,
- I was tired.

"Sir", a little female cousin said.
"Can you take me to the mall and buy me a big cookie?", she finished - as she looked up at me with those pitiful eyes.
"Nah, I'm tired", I said.
"Oh. Okay...
But is that your final answer?", she said.
I guess the week watching Regis' return to prime-time was going to pay off for her.

My male cousins were amazed that she would ask again after I'd already said "No".
They'd already learned that "No, means no".
But then she explained that I could get a few platters of the hot-and spicy chicken at the food court to forgo having to cook.
She pointed out that I could get a new movie to watch in case nothing was on TV.
She pointed out that I had to drop off a cousin at their home near the mall anyway.

She understood the art of the sell.
She got her big cookie.
Her older cousins got a lesson in salesmanship.
(And I got a lesson in how some little kids refuse to accept "No" as an answer.)


FreeMan said...

No means No when it absolutely has no benefit to the person saying NO! What you're little cousin did was make you aware of how your NO was forgoing so many great things. Also she appealed to a man's sense of efficiency by saying it's on your way and you don't have to cook which is another man's pet peeve. She derserved a cookie as she came up with reason after reason why this small gesture wasn't going to really cost you anything.

uglyblackjohn said...

Yeah... I know.
I just didn't know that she was so good at it.

FreeMan said...

She is just attentive and that's a big plus. She'll probably get stuff from you for the rest of her life.

Mr. Noface said...

That's a smart little cousin you have there!

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