Thursday, August 13, 2009


How did Obama go from;
A man running for the Presidency,
To The Savior.

To The Anti-Christ,

To a Socialist,
To a Nazi?
All in a little over a year?
(It's kinda' funny that Hitler is the latest incarnation of the "Boogie Man' being used by the far-Right in an effort to spread fear among Americans.
Is Hitler worse than the Devil?)


FreeMan said...

In 200 days he has went from taking over a recession to causing the recession. He is the reason why Cash for Clunkers ran out of money even when he didn't even make the legislation. He is the reason why the unemployment rate keeps going up. He is the reason why healthcare will bankrupt the USA.

The only thing he has really done is that war in Afghanistan. If people were to protest that I would think it's justified. But since he took the job of Superman he has to stand in front of the bullets.

Max Reddick said...

The far right knows that nothing gets the good old boys hyped more than the terms "socialism" and "communism." Most of these people do not even know what socialism and communism are. I remember a video clip from the election in which this protester wore a tshirt that read "No Socialism." But socialism was badly mis-spelled. And when the newsperson asked him to explain just what he thought socialism was, he was unable to do so.

Ignorance is a horrible thing. But ignorance coupled with fear is even worse.

uglyblackjohn said...

It's pretty funny how they seem to be grasping for just the right image to elicit the most fear.
Just shows how dated those who are running the party truly are.

brohammas said...

Hitler is more planned than you might think. Not only was he someone who swooped in to help a depression ridden country, but he then took away freedom and brought his racism to the point of genocide. Who better to personify Obama's alleged racism and play on white fear under the guise of lost freedom and oppression to the new reverse racism that will ultimately lead to gas chambers?

What scares me most is people are buying this crap...
I'm not even a Democrat and I'm sick of the fearmongering.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ brohammas - Do the whites who fear "others" in power actually feel as though they are due for some type of reaction for their past deeds?
Are they suffering from White Guilt and do they expect the chickens to come home to roost?
If they'd done nothing wrong - what's there to fear?
Are they projecting their own reactions to racist behavior?

brohammas said...

UBJ, Thats a great question. Its a question that I think really strikes at the dissconect between interracial understanding. The black people I talk to, or the blogs I read, think it is white people who fear loosing power or the chickens coming home to roost.
I do not know one white person who feels this way. Not one.
In a way it is sadder than that. I think it is more that NO white people feel at all responsible for history or even the problems of the present. That is why there is so much denial when modern racism pops up; most all white people really think racism is in the past and has nothing to do with them.
At the same time white people really do think all black people hate them. That is what they are afraid of. They really think they(we) are hated so much that if "they" become the govt. they will be punished for things they never did.
That's a huge reason why I blog. To help white people understand why some black people are mad. To help them understand where this anger or all these issues are coming from, in hopes that this understanding will help them realize that if you arent THE racist, then the black people arent talking about you... dont take things so personal.
Again, it all goes back to us not really knowing each other very well.
Both sides missinterpret what the other side is thinking all the time and I see very few interpreters out there.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ brohammas - But if you'd done nothing wrong - what reason is there to fear?

I don't trust people who don't trust anyone else.
Because they usually assume that everyone else will act as they would.

If you're not a racist, you shouldn't fear racists.

brohammas said...

Its not a lack of trust, its fear. COmplete irrational fear.
The media doesnt help... and its why I think Glenn Beck is dangerous. The media only shows violent black people... ya know "those people" that burned down L.A. and looted New Orleans, and rap about guns, and isten to Jeremiah Wright who has a whole church based around hating white people, and its OK for Chris Rock to mock us but Imus can't even make a joke, and now a president who hates us all too.... blah blah blah.
and the spark of the outcry is how unjust it is that they hate "me" because I never did anything.

Right or wrong, that is the pop culture of whiteness today (as I hang my head in shame)