Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Beauty Is Learned

I once met a group of very attractive Somalian women who commented that Iman is considered by many in their country as somewhat ugly.
Were they talking about the young Iman - or the "New And Improved" Iman?
Blogger aka-alter discusses the issue of the "Ideal African woman" at her spot;
It would seem that the same woman could be considered as attractive or not - depending on the area in which they live, the standards of the culture doing the judging or just from personal preference.
A read a blogger asking why it was that Cicely Tyson was never considered to be a Sex-Symbol.
The answer could be that she was more concerned with being a serious actor and the Sex-Symbol title would have diminished her credibility.
But my vote from that generation (age: 60+) of actors has to go to Leslie Uggams.
I met Ms Uggams a few times back in Cali..
She was nice to all and I was amazed at how pretty she was.
IMO -Leslie Uggams' beauty was under-rated.
At 66, she still looks good.

And even at 70 - Sophia Loren still looks as juicy as she did as a young starlet.

But what is it that we find attractive in others?
I like Stacy London from TLC's What Not To Wear.
I like her hair's grey streak,
her 5'7" frame is at the low end of my personal height standard,
and she went to Vassar.
She just seems nice and interesting.
Being half Jewish and half Sicilian, she has that Mediterranean hotness.
But it's odd - the Asian women that I think are attractive are thought to be very unattractive by my Asian friends.
Do they have a different standard of beauty?

And then I read Black women complaining that men don't like "Natural" women.
What is Natural?
Is it nappy hair, thick lips, a broad nose and dark skin?
Pam Grier had no problems getting men while wearing an afro.
Maybe it's not the hair style that men care about.
Maybe these women are just ugly and they're blaming their Black skin for their lack of choices in men.
Then I read where several of their commentators say that a Black man doesn't want a "Real Black woman".
How does one expect to attract a Barack when they are not on the level of a Michelle?
How do they expect Shanenee' to get Skip?
Because I have a certain standard of beauty that I find attractive (really, it's a combination of enough of my desired traits), I am called mean and arrogant.
My preferences were determined by my past experiences - good and bad.
My personal standards of beauty were learned.

But this standard can change.
Most "Ethnic" men love a nice ass and a tight body.

And Coco has proven this to be true - regardless of melanin.


Anonymous said...

i added a new vid on de koko mansion post

Truth B. Told said...

Maybe these women are just ugly and they're blaming their Black skin for their lack of choices in men.

The hell you say, LOL.

CNu said...


John sweet on Stacy London

not in a million years would I have guessed that one.

(I like to hate on Stacy and Clinton so hard that my daughter accuses me of being sweet on Stacy too)

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Milan - Okay...thanks.

@ Truth - I just notice a lot of ugly women hating on celebs who've done more/have more/are more than they ever will.

@ SeeNew - She just seems interesting.
But the real kicker is that you know about her well enough to be able to hate on her.
(Maybe your daughter is right.)

CNu said...

nah mayne, I gorged at the all-you-can-eat JAP buffet years ago and pretty much permanently lost my taste for that flavor....,

uglyblackjohn said...

Damn... that's funny.
At first I thought you meant Jap. - not JAP.
Maybe Stacy brings back fond memories of one speacial JAP.