Monday, August 3, 2009

No, You Just Effed Up

WTF is a "Teachable Moment",
or "Momentary Racism"?


FreeMan said...

Whuh? I thought the ghost of FreeMan invaded the UBJ spot! I was trying to keep my sarcasm away from them calling things a teachable moment.

Everyone learns the same thing and that is don't get caught. I think the world would move forward very fast if we just understand some people will be what they are no matter what happens. I always hate that people try to ignore real issues by calling it a teachable moment.

Milan said...

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brohammas said...

A teachable moment only becomes so if one learns something. Rarely do people learn if they are too busy defending themselves, blaming others, or denying. I've done enough teaching to know that rarely does anyone learn unless they want too.
example? The U can teach the BCS a lesson all they want and still not get ranked.

Citizen Ojo said...

when you find out let me know?