Thursday, August 13, 2009


When Beyonce first hit the scene, she was a petite and pretty light skinned girl with "good hair".
Beyonce was no threat to the interpretation of beauty set forth by the American Standard.
But as the numbers of her group shrank - her hips and thighs began to grow.
But this was like the slow boiling of crabs in a pot.
The increase in heat was slow and unnoticeable.
Then, all of a sudden...Blow!
Ass was "in" for many who had earlier only noticed breasts.
This was a feat that couldn't be pulled off by Janet Jackson almost a generation earlier.
But when done by a lighter skinned girl - the effect was more palatable.
Now, women don't just smile with their mouths - judging by the 3/4 shots from the rear, many just let their butts do the talkin'.


FreeMan said...

Call it puberty or what I call woman weight which I use to determine how old a woman is. She just turned into a woman in front of our eyes and those birthing hips let the world know she was fertile.

As long as anyone remains meek then it's not a threat as soon as they grow into something that symbolizes strength and especially in a sexual way it's quite intimidating.

brohammas said...

I'm just not down with her manager Dad making the other girls go to a tanning salon so that his daughter would "stand out" more.
Then stylist Mom dressing daughter... who forgot that Don't go out the house without your clothes on song she used to sing back in the early days... oops.

Anonymous said...

I agree with freeman. She was very young--teenage-when she came out--and matured into her body by the time she hit 21-22.

uglyblackjohn said...

Actually, I was trying to point out how much of America wasn't ready to accept Janet Jackson and her big ass (Too Black, maybe?) -
but when presented in a slow and less obvious manner (Beyonce' - younger and lighter and starting with less ass (Blackness)), the palate of America can be changed.

Mr. Noface said...

In terms of the brown round botoms going mainstream, Beyonce is like the MC Hammer of I guess that would make Kim Kardashian the Vanilla Ice of the same.