Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Simple Simon

Perky Paula leaving American Idol?
With the show's ratings dropping to their lowest in five years (30.4 million viwers), maybe it was just time to go.
Besides the terrible singers who audition in the early episodes, Paula is the only reason to watch the show.
Who else will argue with Simon or nurture the singers?

But Paula was famous before American Idol.
This won't be like Lionel Richie leaving the Commodores.
Paula should have a few more drunken episodes of her reality show left in her.
With her dance background, she would also be an ideal judge on Dancing With The Stars.
Though I'm really not big on Pop-Culture, I like Paula, and I hope Paula does like Kobe (wins a title without the big-man)
Fuck Simple Simon.

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FreeMan said...

Some people have timing and she seems to have it in spades. She's a laker girl, then turns into a pop star, then is on American Idol all in the middle of that dating Arsenio Hall. She has really good timing and nothing really surfaces on her in a bad way so I'm sure she'll be back in 3 years or so on a gameshow!