Friday, August 7, 2009


Shirt - $175
Jeans - $125
Boots - $495.

Total price to look like a Prep - $795.
Sure, the image of a preppy is what most people view as the epitome of class and taste.
But judging by what?
Or marketing?


brohammas said...

jeans for preppy? COme on, J. Crew chinos, salmon trousers from Vinyard Vines, or maybe even searsucker.

Oh yeah, your in Texas.

CNu said...

nice, loose fitting chinos, egyptian cotton and oxford broadcloth button down shirts can be had plentifully for around $10 - 15.00 each.

Bass penny loafers can be gotten for another $90.00 and you're as preppy as you'd ever possibly imagine needing to be.

Throw in the seasonal navy blue blazers from J. Crew, Brooks Bros or where-have-you - a couple rep ties or better still some bow ties, and you're totally good to go.

matter fact, the hallmark of authentic prepschool-i-ness is utter indifference and studied casualness and lived in-ness of this attire.

spend the kind of loot and make the kind of effort showcased in this post and there's clearly some striving and posing going on.

brohammas said...

ummm, striving and posing IS the essence of prepness. You spend a lot of money on expensive (and correct) clothes, then act like you don't care while wearing them.
It doesnt work right if they arent expensive.

Many do try to fake the funk if you will.... sorta like a big dookie chain that isnt really gold.

CNu said...


having spent my entire life in prepschool/ivy league/vineyardy/my own kids in contemporary prepschool environs...,

the folks who contrived these uniforms - and that's essentially what they are, u.n.i.f.o.r.m.s. - do indeed pay attention to their "correctness", i.e., are they in compliance with the school's uniform dress codes.

beyond that, among those who count, little-to-no heed is given to brand or label so long as the clothes fit and function.

OTOH - folks who've peeped it through the window, or, who're striving to convey a certain impression - well, therein lies the whole poseur delusion which business-minded fashionists (Ralph Lauren and others) ruthlessly exploit.

This of course includes Bal Harbour tourists, gay habitues, and other middle-class wannabes who confuse the appearance of a way of life with the way of life itself...,

At the end of the day, people who can most easily afford to squander $$ on nothing tend to be among the least inclined to do so.

brohammas said...

touche', CNu, Touche'!
I must admit, the only ivy I grew up around was poison.

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