Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gay, Black, and on TV

DJ (from Derek's Window) asked; "Who speaks for gay Black males?"
I have no idea, but it would seem that there are a lot of them on TV lately.
From the dude on College Hill,

To the dude with the painted on highbrows on The Real Hoodrats of the ATL,

To the guy who was about to get whooped by Pookie an' dem on the same show,

To the guy trying out as a backup singer on P-Did's Making His Band,

To the guys on America's Best Dance Crew.

I honestly have no idea who speaks for gay Black males - but recently, there seems to be a lot of them on television.


FreeMan said...

I don't know who speaks for them either but I've seen a spike on TV as you pointed out. So if they want to capitalize on it they better get a rep up there fast!

Max Reddick said...

They might be more visible, but they still lack a real voice. They exist mostly as overblown stereotypes as evinced by the examples you've given.