Monday, March 15, 2010

Is It Wrong?

Fat women often complain that men fail to see the real them,
that their beauty is on the inside,
that men are just shallow ego driven creatures who fixate on the smaller shapely sista's while ignoring all the goodness a big girl has to offer.

But much of what we find attractive is a health driven issue.
Morbid Obesity is not seen as a characteristic of a healthy individual.
Morbid Obesity is seen as a detriment - not an asset.
Being fat (like having Cancer) is not seen as beneficial to the furthering of the species.
How many men are attracted to unhealthy women?


FreeMan said...

Only the kept men who are small time pimping them. Women whether they like or not are the essence of beauty and for them not to value that is nuts. It's just as essential as a man being strong. It is the ying to the yang but just like a woman won't deal with a broke man a wise man probably doesn't want a fat woman. We all have roles and expectations gender wise.

Anonymous said...


You hit the nail right on the head.

KST said...

You are just not going to let this go are you? Lol. I agree, I think if you're obese and you're happy with that and all the risk that it entails - so be it. Just understand that not everyone is going to conform to you're way of thinking and find someone who loves you. Now, do people have to be assholes about it and make fun of people for what is usually a lifestyle choice? No.

You're funny.

doll said...

As a skinny woman I question if fat women have a harder time finding mates than those at the other end of the spectrum. I have been in situations where the fat girl has got the first man on a girls night out. There is something very attractive about women who are cuddly and soft as opposed to bony and sinewy.

KonWomyn said...
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KonWomyn said...

I can relate to doll, but I don't mind so much because the type of guy these girls attract is never a dude to die for. Besides, every woman has fans - dateable or not - and one night in the club doesn't really put a dent in the ratings or affect the growth rate of the fanbase.

I don't really think it's that smaller women are "bony and sinewy", but that they're supposedly vain and harder to get whereas bigger girls tend to be friendlier and easier. Jus' sayin' from what brothas have told me.

Having said that, men do like curves - just what curvy is depends on a society's definition and the average size of women:
in the US 40% of people are obese
+ big is beautiful campaign
+ bigness (borderline obesity) is natural to Blackness meme
= curvy.

Bigness becomes the norm and the standard for what is attractive, instead of a health warning.

Marianne said...

I think the thought that bothers most is that the reverse is not as easily accepted. A woman who rejects a guy for being unattractive is considered shallow to a greater extent than a man who rejects an unattractive woman. It is also considered more acceptable for ugly guys to chase hot women, but the reverse is much more frowned upon. I guess some could say that the same thing applies to guys in relation to money, but even when the money is equal, the unattractive woman has it worse than the unattractive man. No one says "oh, she's not much to look at, but at least she makes a good living." Even in the case of weight, many fat guys who can't find their dick under their belly still think they can aspire to date cheerleaders. Their other qualities are more likely to be taken into account. When a woman is fat/very ugly, her entire humanity is denied.

Anonymous said...


CNu said...

Besides, every woman has fans - dateable or not

Do you know how much damage one ignorant kneegrow can do?

and one night in the club doesn't really put a dent in the ratings or affect the growth rate of the fanbase.

KW is truth!

accept no substitutes...,