Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Is It Art ?

Often dismissed as rudimentary and crude - graffiti is the most visible form of graphic street art.
But Picasso's use of free forms and contrasting colors is seen as art worthy of gallery shows and high auction prices.

Warhol couldn't think of anything original so he just copied Campbell's Soup can fonts.
Miro's paintings look like those of my five year old niece.

While proportionately incorrect, this artist's use of color and style isn't really that different from Picasso.
And this artist at least took the time to create his own original font.
Is it better to Create or Copy?
One is usually one of the following;
A Creator,
A Consumer,
Or a Destroyer.
Of the three, one that creates is the only one who is of any real use.


FreeMan said...

The consumer makes the creator rich and gives him rewards for his expression. The destroyer raises the value of the creators work because it creates scarcity.

So while the creator is the only one with any use the others don't really exist without the creator's creation!

uglyblackjohn said...

And this usually translates to any enterprise.

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