Monday, October 12, 2009

Harry Connick Jr. v. Australian Doctors

No, I won't post it here.
I'm sure everyone has seen the footage of Harry Connick giving the Aussies a lesson in currently acceptable social conduct.
My opinion?
Who cares what a bunch of Convicts, Shackle Draggers and Criminals think?
(Or is referring to them in these terms considered poor taste?)


FreeMan said...

And once again all the kumbaya and well wishers cannot rid the world of racism. I guess standing up for it in Australia is supposed to make me think they aren't all like that huh?

But hey don't judge all of them by the actions of the few because that's called being prejudice!

brohammas said...

All I'm saying is Harry is the man... as long as he simply flexes the golden pipes and stays off the silver screen.

uglyblackjohn said...

I was over at Undercover Black Man's site when some people said that Blacks were being too sensitive on this matter.
But that 80% of those polled in Australia thought that there was nothing wrong with skit - I had to bring up the "Convict" and "Shackle Dragger" tags of the Aussies.

Needless to say - the joke (calling Ausies "Criminals") wasn't taken as a joke that should be gotten over by the Aussies.