Saturday, October 10, 2009


Is being "White" just the color of one's skin?

Does this Chinese woman count as "White"?

What about this Afghan girl?

Or this African?


Keith said...

I've know of only one albino person. I think he might be retired now, but I think he once worked at our local hospital.

es138 said...

We don't even acknowledge left handed white people as true white people. (jk)

Anonymous said...

I'm albino and i don't see why so many people think of being albino as a contagious illness or something...i'm only 15 years old and even though i'm only a freshman in high school...since i was in kindergarten people made so much fun of...and the still do!!!!!

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Anon - This post wasn't to say anything bad about those who are Albino. It was intended to question what it is to be "white".

Anonymous said...

I think albino skin is the most beautiful. I am still particularly partial to caucasian features regardless of pigment, not a racial thing, just an aesthetic preference.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Anon 3:49 - I have a preference for the mean of all races. A white girl with full lips and ass. A Thin Black girl with lighter skin and a visible bridge on her nose.
An Asian girl with round eyes and ass.
The most beautiful women in the world (according to most publications) usually feature women who could be of any race but who possess silmilar phenotypical traits.
Jo Lo=Beyonce=Kim K