Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Ideal Beauty

The "Whiter" the better.
At least that what seems to be the case when it comes to beauty.
I guess Scandinavia has this market covered.

But even in Japan, polls cite pale skin as the leading asset regarding a woman's beauty.
Maybe it has something to do with colonization by Europeans and the Geisha of times past.

Recent video that attempted to mimic The Jackson 5 (In black face and all) in Australia seems to hint at that country's leaning in regards to beauty.
Nicole Kidman, Portia De Rossi and Cate Blanchette are often cited as the country's most beautiful.

While Aboriginals (such as these) get the low spot on the skin color influenced index.

But even Aboriginals can't remain blameless.
Most of these Aboriginal models would pass for white in most situations.

The same could not be said of this Aboriginal lady.

India and Bollywood seems to celebrate everything associated with their former rule by the British.
The above Bollywood actress could be from almost anywhere.

But these Dalits are definitely from India's lower caste.

Mexico also celebrates it's former rule by Europeans.
This photo from a Mexican Playboy magazine could be from any European influenced country.

But this is the image that is generally associated with Mexico.

Yes, American Blacks also play the "White is better" game.

I've always liked A.J. Johnson.
But when she was cast next to the lighter skinned Teisha Campbell in the House Party movies - Ms Campbell garnered the most attention.
So in today's popular culture -
Why is "White" seen as more beautiful?


Mr. Noface said...

As a result of Colonialism (and as a byproduct, slaver) much of the world has their hands stuck in the European cookie jar, unable or unwilling to acknowledge the fact that if they just let go of the cookie...

uglyblackjohn said...

Oh no... that "cookie" is too appealing, too desirable, too ... .

But what did these peoples do before the Europeans came along?
Did they have different values?

es138 said...

I'm pretty sure that before Europeans came along, lighter skin was viewed as a symbol of affluence, and the lower casts were growing food in the sun all day. Don't hate the cookie cause it's white. Hate the cookie because it makes women think they need to straighten their hair.

RainaHavock said...

This gave me an idea for a blog post.