Saturday, October 24, 2009


Why do the Trojans keep escaping by margins that are smaller than this USC cheerleader's panties and (almost) bare ass ?

Rankings (BCS)
1 Florida - Pulled away from Miss St. in the 4th quarter to keep their top spot.
2 Alabama - Beat a weak Tennessee team by blocking two field goals. Maybe the tide is over rated.
3 Texas - Showed Mizzou how real football is played.
4 Boise St. (late game) - Should go on to beat Hawaii.
5 Cincinnati - Spanked rival Louisville.
6 Iowa - Squeaked by the Spartans of Mich. St..
7 USC - Almost choked again but avenged last year's loss to Oregon St. in their likely fashion.
8 TCU - The only Texas team I like remained undefeated and on track for a BCS bid by beating #16 BYU.


FreeMan said...

USC will play Oregon next week and I think they'll move USC up after that. Otherwise I'm interested to see if Alabama slides because they didn't change Florida after they barely beat a weak team.

Max Reddick said...

Florida is simply saving it's energy for the real competition. We cdan't be beaten.

uglyblackjohn said...

I just want to see USC punnish Florida at the Rose Bowl in the BCS Championship Game.

Besides brohammas, no one wants to watch TCU v. Boise St. at that level.

FreeMan said...

USC got to number 5 so I think they might make it to the Rose Bowl. Iowa ain't going to get there because no one cares and it would be a boring game. So get ready for the USC Rose Bowl game.

By the way I was there at the UCLA vs Cal game and it was hot as Tempe AZ hell. I hope it's 70 when the game comes around because it's hot down in that valley but you get to park on the golf course which is kind of interesting!

uglyblackjohn said...

Yeah... I saw that.
USC, Texas, and Florida are the glamour schools (The teams everyone loves to hate.)
Any way that there is a match up with any two of these teams will probably happen.
Boise St., Cincy, Iowa, and TCU would lose TV money.
Except for brohammas - no one wants to watch them at the Big Time level.