Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Honestly, Val?
A layup by Blake Griffin, a jump shot by Lebron, a nice chest pass by Kobe?
This isn't the Celtics of the 60's - today's game requires more athletic ability.
The real reason you (and I) like the WNBA is because of Candice Parker.


Val said...

Lol, yeah Candice is a cutie but that's not the only reason I like the WNBA. They play better fundamental basketball.

DF said...

Yes, Candice is the only reason I like the WNBA. The WNBA really needs a superstar like Michael Jordan. Give it time and someone will show up but for now it's like watching the NBA when there were no Black people.

Reggie said...

She is a pretty woman, she needs a spanking.

A few months back I was traveling on business and while I was in Seattle's airport, I saw the Phoenix Mercury waiting for their flight. Man.......those women were as hard as ten day old biscuits.