Monday, January 16, 2012

Ron Paul?

Many may insist that Ron Paul is a Racist or that he has racist views  - but does it even really matter?
I don't even really care about a person's religion, club affiliations or personal beliefs - just as long as that person is fair and just.

His recent comments pointing out that Blacks are victims of an 'unequal justice' seems to have gone largely ignored by most political pundits.
Paul was referring to FBI reports which point out that roughly 69% of arrests made in America were those of whites - while Blacks made up only about 28% of total arrests.
He was also referring to the fact that whites are arrested twice as many times as Blacks for drug related incidents.
Sure, in a country that is only about 16% Black these numbers seem alarming - but Paul pointed out that Blacks still represent nearly half of all those currently incarcerated.

Obama sure won't bring this up, and I can guarantee that the Republicans' Southern Strategy will not allow any insider to discuss the warts on Miss Liberty's face.
With many Americans believing that the country is falling apart and in need of a revolution (some even advocating violence) - wouldn't a shake-up from the inside be in the best interest of the country?


Val said...

Ron Paul is never going to be President. He's an outsider and the powers that be would never allow an outsider in.

So it really doesn't matter if he's a racist or not. Or if he's willing to discuss the number of African Americans in jail.

But I absolutely agree that Obama would never discuss those things. He won't discuss anything that specifically concerns African Americans.

I suppose Obama is afraid that those who hate him will hate him more if he acknowledges his African American constituents?

uglyblackjohn said...

Val, I DON'T think he (nor any other republican) will win the next election.
But I DO think that they can offer some direction to Obama.
Healthcare? Who Cares? - The program is a mess.

CNu said...

The California state prison system and its current challenge of having to release 30,000 prisoners shows the inherent unsustainability of the system as it operates today?

DF said...

No matter how many times you spice up the pig, put some creole seasoning on it, roll into a breakfast sausage or make it bacon this guy will still be The OTHER WHITE MEAT!

Everyone keeps trying to say look past his racist statements. Then the next step is to say look how intelligent he is. Put your race aside so we can welcome the other white meat don't you think the country needs the other white meat?

DVesey is on a campaign with Ron Paul and there's this hint all over the web asking the Black folks to put down race for a second and consider the other white meat! SHEEEEIIIITTT!