Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Club Member?

Remember when political pundits were complaining that Obama refused to wear the ubiquitous flag lapel pin common among politicians?
What was the big deal?
The Old School pin was a normal rectangle worn parallel to the ground.
Today, most pins are worn slightly skewed - almost replicating other symbols from other groups or societies.


Dog walking Frisco said...

Hey i guess he might have some reason for that, we don't have any idea why he refused...

Brohammas said...

Most are worn skewed to match the angle of the notch in a lapel.

He was forced into being bossed around or refusing by others asking a question with no real precedent... there was no prior rule to flag pins for candidates, his opposition just came out with why aren't you wearing one question in a sort of "have you stopped beating your wife?" sort of catch-22 tactic.