Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Enemy of MY Enemy

Is the enemy of my enemy my friend?
Is Ron Paul a racist? (Name one President who wasn't.)
Is Obama a true outsider willing to take the fight to institutions which subjugate the masses?
If Ron Paul was to be elected POTUS - would you be any worse off?
Does the POTUS have any real power anyway?


John Kurman said...

The enemy of my enemy is not my friend. Example: Hitler liked puppies and small children. So do I. We agree on some things. Is he my friend? No.

Yes. Ron Paul is a racist.

No Obama is not ready to take on the ruling classes, but then, it took us 40 years to get here. You really think Obama can part the waters. Anyone?

Ron Paul, a right wing (read: supports the monied classes) reactionary, expresses a vision which would see us all return to something like the 1890s. It's unrealistic and untenable. As such, he is a menace, in the sense of an incompetent menace. You can't serve ten terms in Congress and not be part of the problem. So, yes, I would be worse off under him.

The POTUS requires two terms to effect policy, that's the way they set it up.

Val said...

It really says a lot about Iowans that Ron Paul is doing so well in the polls there. I guess being a racist is a plus for them.

DF said...

It's always funny to me when people ask folks to look past racism. Besides being sexist I don't know what more core issue of someone being against would trump it. Whether he's good, bad, righteous or a devil he's against the most fundamental freedoms Blacks have ever scored in this country. Thus he's against me. I don't care if he shitted diamonds and had money trees he's a bigot.

Reggie said...

Now John you know damned well that Ron Paul will NEVER be POTUS, not now and not tomorrow.

Not gonna happen.

Citizen Ojo said...

The good guys just aren't that good anymore and the bad guys sometimes aren't that bad.. Paul makes so valid points until he gets near/around/close to Civil Rights. Then it all goes downhill. Obama is not a fighter but I'm starting to think he never was...