Monday, January 2, 2012

At Some Point, It's Not About Making Money...

 It becomes about a sense of style.
In basketball, two points are two points - but who wants to watch (or execute) layups all night?
Who (besides Val) says, "Wow, did you see that chest pass?".
When one gains the basic skills required to get the job done effectively - he then forms new ways to get the same measurable result which require more skill and a greater ability.

Anyone can make money - the question becomes how one chooses to make money.
Most people reading this could probably make more money giving blow jobs to sweaty truck drivers at ones local truck stop tonight than she/he would working his day-job.
But no one reading this would do that just to make a money.
Sure, I like money, I want money, I even need money.
But I'm not willing to do anything and everything to get it.
Money has rarely been my motivation.
Sometimes, I'm even offended by money.

"Maximize your profits", is all I hear from former nightclub owners.
"That's why you went out of business.", I reply.
"Make sure you get your cut from everything when someone else does a promotion in your club.", others say.
"But why would I charge someone who is bringing more business to my club?", I ask.

I've had book release parties, poetry nights, open mic/jam sessions, fashion shows, art viewings, whatever... in an effort to expose people to more of our culture than just DJ'd music.
At each event the promoter makes more money than me.
But these promoters make a lot of money once a month while paying most of the costs.
I make a little less money every night without spending much to advertise.

My next big event is a Super Bowl Party hosted by a a retired NFL player.
My liquor reps are providing the Remy and the former player is paying for the DJ, my staff (I don't usually open on Sundays), the Ribs, and advertising.
"Remy & Ribs", is what we are calling it.

These nights bring in more than just one demographic.
The varied demographic helps to ensure that the club stays busy regardless of what is going on around town.
While I hate running clubs - I do seem to have a knack for doing it.
Other club owners frequent my club.
The local elites frequent my club.
The aspirational and acquisitive frequent my club.
The Wanna-Be-Bougie ('Bourgeois' is a step up for these folks) frequent my club.

To be honest, I'm about to burn out.
I have no interest in being one of the 'Big Shots' around town.
I just decided to run this club as a means to show others that people can work together and still benefit.
I don't seem to be able to teach so it seemed like doing would be the best way to get others to follow the model.

I have my manager running the club for the next couple of days while I think about selling the club.
I hate the long nights of talking to people I have no interest in.
Sure, I can make money - but this doesn't seem to be the way I want to do it.

Biblically speaking - aren't we supposed to leave enough behind for those who are without to be able to glean the fields after we're done gathering our harvest?


Val said...

Actually I prefer seeing players execute lay-ups. Especially if they have deadly crossovers. It doesn't take much skill to dunk when you're 9ft tall. But it take lots of skill to lay it up in somebody's face. I think that's why I like the WNBA.

As for money; most people can't see the long money they only see the short money.

brohammas said...

In the event you sell and need to get away, consider Philly.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ brohammas - IN THE WINTER?

DF said...

UBJ do you think you are just aiming low? Things bore you very fast after simple mastery. What about taking on something bigger that requires moving parts that need to be pulled together.

Once I reached my basic goals at 25 I sat here for 4 years wondering what to do. Then I found something to do but this time I made it bigger than usual. Money is the byproduct of a good execution and that's something we already have.

The goal has to be big enough to change the world. Then I think we'll never be bored. At least I hope and I don't like to hope!

Reggie said...

I make a decent wage, but I spend entirely too many hours through the course of the week at work. If I divided that out by the hour, I'd probably be sick to my stomach.

REGARDLESS, I don't want to make money blowing anyone at a truckstop. I think I'll take the zero. Money just isn't that important to me anyway.

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