Monday, January 23, 2012


 Smart refrigerators,
 Smart cars,
 Smart phones,
 Smart televisions,
 Even smart toilets.
The need to purchase all of these things only leads to one thing - DUMB PEOPLE.


DF said...

It's new technology and they're trying to put it in everything. I don't know about a smart toilet at all unless they have a ass wiper function.

Who wants to check facebook that damn much anyways. I'd rather they get the 6 tuner grid going so I can see multiple channels without cable.

No one is paying attention that the average person's world is becoming smaller. Technology will make a generation of introverts who lack social skills. Even when the phone appeared people still went out to gather socially. This new wave is creating a new level of voyeurism.

John Kurman said...

I remember the article where they say that in the future your groceries will talk to your refrigerator, so that, you will know when you are out of milk.

I don't my groceries talking to my fridge. Not behind my back.