Sunday, January 8, 2012


No, not from ghosts, goblins or even Ron Paul.
My fear is more real and more common.

As always, today I checked on one of my elderly blind ladies - not a problem.
But today offered a twist.
The lady's pill-addict great-grandson happened to be there as well - still not a problem.
But then this guy decided that he had to make a run and asked me to babysit his five month old daughter - Effin' BIG Problem.

I'm scared of small babies so I was petrified.
Feeding, cleaning, playing with, changing and just watching an infant is more than I was prepared to do.
This weekend was our busiest ever at the club so I was already exhausted - and this small child made it even worse.

As a kid, I used to fill in for my sister on occasion when she had something else to do on one of her scheduled babysitting nights.
I guess instinct and prior training kicked in because I handled the situation like a champ.
When the baby's grand mother appeared to retrieve her five hours later, I was a mess.
"Wow, you're a natural!!!", she said as I made the hand off.
I might be a natural - but I'll never babysit an infant alone again.


CNu said...

lol, I feel for that baby between the pill addicted daddy and blind great gran..., dayyum - sometimes it's a wonder they survive to walk and talk at all.

Val said...

Lol@you being afraid of babies.

Reggie said...

I don't want to be responsible for anyone's crumbsnatcher.

CNu said...


It's the RESPONSIBILITY for somebody else's non-verbal little hopes and dreams for the future that's the killer.

DF said...

Hey I'm scared of little worms too. If they can't talk I barely want to hold them. Of course WORMS are harsh but that's what they are to me. Squirming, shitters, thrower uppers and stinkers. Who has time for all that so I tell people I can't handle a life that is completely helpless and can't tell me what's wrong.

It's like being on heightened alert for hours. You're a good guy because I would've said hell no. You drop that baby off hope he survives until you come back because he'll be in a basket, in a cage in a sound proof room!

OK that's too far but I would turn this down.