Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ron Paul for POTUS!!!

With the election of Obama, many predicted the rise of the Libertarian - or at the least, many of their beliefs.
Ron Paul may be running as a Republican but much of his platform is more Libertarian.
Ron Paul;
-Favors a smaller government - as do I.
-Wants to cut Federal Spending for FY 2012 instead of spreading the adjustments over the next 10-15 ineffectual years - as do I.
-Reduce Military Spending
-End the Welfare State. Being that most of the money goes to corporations and special interests, I have to agree.
-Eliminate or Audit the Federal Reserve, Since they ( along with the IMF and World Bank) created the financial mess most of us are suffering though, I have to agree with this idea as well.

Sure, he may be unelectable, a racist, and somewhat creepy to some but he may help to push ideas forward which may help to solve the country's problems instead of just delaying the end results of them.


Val said...

I don't think he can advance any of those ideas beyond to college students. As you said he's unelectable. So the powers that be aren't listening to him. In fact I'm sure they're working behind the scene (donating to Mitt's PAC) to get rid of Paul.

The worse damage Paul can do is to run as an Indy candidate. He would be siphoning votes away from Romney.

uglyblackjohn said...

"The worst damage..." Which is why he works for me.
That and that Obama is NOW pledging to cut military spending.

Reggie said...

I don't think he'd ever get elected president, he's even strange by Republican standards.