Monday, May 9, 2011

Not Racist?

Don't fall for the okie-doke.
Your Black ass can be 'racist' as well.
If you want the same authority then you need to live by the same standards.

I live in a town which is 50/48 Black to white.
Many Blacks here run many public institutions.
Many Blacks here are the highest paid public servants and hold many positions of power.
When Black politicians go to civic groups and churches urging Black voters to "Vote Black so that we can keep the power with US!", they are running on politics predicated on race to keep others out of power.
How is it alright for Blacks to run on race but it's 'racist' when whites do it?

"Privilege", some might answer.
Nucka Pa-lease.... YOU have the privilege to exercise your rights whenever you see fit.
Your ass can stop whining and find a way around a problem it you can't work through it.
How many people do you actually know and interact with who can stop you from getting what you work for?
As long as your ass thinks that the 'inferior' group cannot act in a racist manner - you will always be the inferior group.
As long as you fall for the limitations and definitions placed on you by others - you will always be subjugated.

Step 1 - Admit that you also have the power to be a racist.
Step 2 - Stop being a racist.


DF said...

All I can say is it's in everyone but especially when the subjugated group gets a chance to be on top.

C'mon UBJ this is the same reason why all the whites got guns when Obama was elected. Their own guilt made them think retaliation is coming for their past wrongs.

I think people will admit that they're racist as long as you admit that the other side is just as racist and stop calling it ignorance or some other made up word of the month.

RiPPa said...

By definition, "racism" and "racial discrimination" though different, is often misunderstood in application.

I as a Black man can indeed discriminate and act on my prejudice against anyone of another color. However, my discrimination (though not a pass or acceptable) does nothing to hold another race in a subservient position where I'm of the belief that I am indeed superior to them based on the social construct that is race.

Was the Black Power Movement racist? And how long did they last or become successful and why?

uglyblackjohn said...

@ FreeMan - Yeah... everyobe is racist to some degree but most people fail to act on it. Most people have their own concerns.

@ Rippa - Whose definition?

Black Power? Most Black people were not ready for it. Like in the Bible when it speaks of those 'with eyes to see'. Like the reforms Christ made to The Church. There are times when people are just not ready to bear the responsibilty of power and freedom.

brohammas said...

The argument over what the word racism means is a complete distraction from the real issue... and here comes my Kumbaya chant...
This all comes down to right and wrong.
It is wrong to judge or hate a person because of their race PERIOD.
Call that whatever you want, that is the root and soul of what we are discussing here, or INMHO what we should be talking about.
Now how we deal with those who forget this one thing in differing situations or in different groups is another thing entirely.
So Black Power racist? Naw, not by itself. Hating white people for being white? Oooh yes.

DF said...

@UBJ - True they have their own concerns but when you get enough people whose concern are caused by another group they perform racist acts.

This is no different that when white folks formed unions to counteract the possible loss of jobs from freed slaves. They banned together to create a group to deny access to others.

So why is it shocking that those who were excluded would do the same thing when the opportunity arose.

@Brohammas - The real question is who is going to do the right thing and take a chance on the other group not taking advantage of them?

Brohammas said...

DF, of course that is a risk, but unless someone, or eventually some critical mass on both sides takes that risk, then all we will have is a simple power struggle and the dominant population will always win. where minorities are oppressed and strive to get released from oppression through power plays, it only invites a similar reaction from the dominant population... which means they will lose. The only hope for sustainable results is to embed the moral righteousness of a cause thereby dissuading the dominant force from exerting thier power.

DF said...

@Brohammas - Well we are beyond that point for sure. It's best that we leave everything in peace because even if the masses wanted peace so much is in the past that no one will believe it.

A group can only win when you are playing games with them. If you stop playing games there is no Win or Lose it's just the way it is.

Participation is the key. If the minority did for self and shunned everything the majority has to offer then a better foundation will be established. It can only be unequal if you are asking someone else to make you whole.