Monday, May 16, 2011


Some local Black politicians won in their election bids while others lost.
Most of the politicians (Black, white and/or Hispanic) who used race as his tool to get voters involved lost his seat on the council or school board.
This election happened to coincide with a local professional Black men's social club's monthly open house.
Every prominent bourgeoisie family was represented.
Of course I invited a group of attractive young women from the clubs to sit at my table.
My table was the most popular table in the house as these upstanding businessmen and politicians flocked to the younger and better looking ladies present.

Afterwards (at about midnight) we decided to support a young brotha' at his club in the hood.
While initially hesitant to be seen in such a run down venue - each of these old school pimps suddenly remembered the hood in them.
The funniest thing was the chorus of "Thank You's" given by groups of people who had forgotten their roots.
The thing they tend to forget is that it was these people who got them where they are today.


brohammas said...

I went to a Democrat fund raising dinner (I'm not a Democrat). It was the most appaling room of people I have evere seen assembled. It was all city politics and WOW. Some times it really hurts when you watch stereotypes being played out in front of you over and over.

uglyblackjohn said...

I go to a lot of social/political events.
The funny thing is when I'm pulled to the side for a quiet meeting about politics at work.
There are two factors in my favor;
- I'm not from here so I have no idea who it is that I'm supposed to be trying to impress.
- My parents and siblings love and respect me as do my friends.
Everyone else is just background.
This allows me to make friends and enemies without worry about either.
I can speak freely knowing that these people can do nothing to me but talk about me.
This past election I've made more people mad over their use of racial politics than I can count.
"Dude, your JOB is to do your jobs of serving the people NOT to just ensure that you keep getting a fat paycheck.", I say to most politicians.
"But they did it to us.", is the most common reply.
"What are you.... six? Wrong is wrong because it's wrong not because it's being done to you. You should be the better leader because you've suffered these wrongs and attempt to make them right. Your job IS NOT to ensure that we can be just as bad at leadership as those who came before but to show us at our best and to teach this to the next generation.", I continue.
At the event mentioned, politicians who were mad at me made sure to come to my table to shake my hand or for a photo op.
Politics is a messy game.