Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Luxury of Poverty In America

 Well... we're a long way from this...
Sure, 'The Elites' own and control most of the wealth in America and many formerly from the middle-class are protesting in various American cities in a vain attempt to get back some of their stolen wealth.

But it is about two or three years too late to topple Wall Street.
Instead of spending 4-16 trillion dollars to rescue vampiric and self-serving financial institutions - the government could have just given Credit Unions 2 trillion dollars to pay off every Americans Credit Card and Student Loan debt.
The banks would have gotten the needed cash infusions (and cleared many of their books) and the people would have shed the onerous personal debt which enslaves them.
But it's too late to kill these once injured financial beasts.
The average poor person today is living at a level beyond that of many from the middle-class just a generation earlier.
Most of America's poor have amenities reserved for the middle-class in many other countries.

Will Occupy Wall Street work?
Nope, most are crying over milk they've spilled themselves.


theoreoexperience said...

Wow. You're so right about the forgiving student loan and credit card debt thing.

I'm not sure I agree with you about the average poor person. I get what you're saying, but I also have a great deal of empathy for the depression that surrounds real poverty. So if a gaming system helps a working poor parent feel like they're giving their kid at least an hour's break from the crushing sadness of their lives, I'm kind of okay with that.

DF said...

It's the White Man March! When the banks only conned those greedy minorities who cares. But when the weed grows and chokes white people too then they get mad and say this isn't fair.

On point, anyone with a little education knows this country is being ran by very rich people. Only when you actually believe the con do you think you have a say.

Occupy Wall Street will disappear once Winter rolls through. Even though white people seem to really like the cold I don't think they'll be out there day after day when winter really hits.

uglyblackjohn said...

But OE... Then these children grow up learning that gaming the system is the only way to get what they want.
Poverty used to suck so bad that some people did the hard work required to get out of it.
I've given months or years worth of free rent to people only to find out that they never saved any of it to make their lives better.
I've given cars and money away as well but the people NEVER did better for themselves.
IMOHO - Poverty is just too comfortable for those who have grown accustomed to it.

@ FreeMan - Man... I don't even think THEY know what it is they are protesting nor what they wish to accomplish.