Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Quarterback Complex

"Why does everyone want to see you do well?", "Why does everyone want to help you?" or "Why does it seem like everyone has your back?", are questions I am often asked.
The truth is - I have no idea why many people seem to rally around me.
I'm not a particularly nice person - some of my best friends say that I can be kind-of mean (And many of these have no idea as to why we're even friends at all.).

I probably have more enemies than most others have acquaintances.
Even when trying to help people, many assume that I am doing so in order to get some type of temporal gain - that I must have some type of ulterior motive.
But I've just been conditioned to help anyone when I am able - I don't have to like or even know the person.
The goal is always more important than my personal feelings or emotions.

You see, I have some skills - but I cannot do everything on my own.
I am accustomed to having a team around me.
I'm used to having people handle the little problems on which I don't feel like spending the time or effort to address.
Thug stating ish - somebody handles it before it gets to me.
Money getting low - somebody makes sure my accounts are current.
Too tired to finish a task - someone steps up his game to ensure the job gets done.
It seems that some people think that the better I do the better it will be for those around me.

It seems that there is something to being "The Peoples' Champ" or "The Sun King".
Biblically, this concept could be explained in Matthew 10.
We are taught to do good works yet to expect nothing in return.
I guess the Peoples' Champ and the Sun King has paid his dues to society so that most common men can identify with his struggles and cheer his successes without envy or jealousy.
I guess he has helped those around him to be and to do better before he thought about his own well being so that now others see his successes as being their own.

Sure, he will have those who resent him or his successes - even when he is just succeeding at helping others - but these have no power to do him any real harm.
Yeah, yeah... people will gossip and start rumours - people will say that he always had it easy or that he had some unfair advantage in life - but these are just making excuses for their own failures.
Rivals will try to emulate his successes - but these rivals will have often failed to do the groundwork of laying a solid social foundation which can support success.

I really don't know how or why humility works.
Matthew 23:12 (KJV) says, "...and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted."
It takes a great leap of faith and often counter intuitive actions to lead a life of humility - it takes focus and discipline to ignore all the accolades and awards given when one does so.



Brohammas said...

some call it karma, what goes around comes around, it takes a village, team, family, all that stuff.

DF said...

Anyone who can shed light and not ask for payment shall be rewarded. It's the natural way of things but it's so rare in today's society it is shocking. The reason why you don't see it as something special is because of it's simplicity but when you are around those who have been miseducated it seems complex.

As you stated others will try to emulate it and some will hate it but they can't do anything about it because you really aren't trying... it's more of who you are.

Each one teach one, Teach what you know to those who do not know or my mothers favorite GIVE because you can! They all in practice lead to the natural rewards of life. Those rewards manifest in protectors who want you to stay alive, money from those who you helped who are dying for a opportunity to be of service to you and finally those who are on a similar path as you who debate,educate and help decode higher levels to this life.

Humility is just the key to that other life. But, it requires the sacrifice of yourself and that's too much for most people!