Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I've Had a Lot of Girls

No... not  in that way...
(Well...Okay... Maybe that way too.)
But I always seem to find women who need help.

I just hired a cute little cocktail waitress who just went through a divorce.
The girl is honest and a hard worker.
She's in training to become a prison guard at the moment so she has no cash coming in.
I 'friended' her on the club's facebook page and noticed that she asked for a volunteer to paint one of her sons' room.
"I'll do it.", I replied.
I gathered a couple of young cousins and we patched and painted the requested room.

"You trying to get with her?", a cousin asked.
"Nah, man. She just needed something done and I always take care of the people who work for me.", I replied.
"...Yeah... you do.", he said.
In reality, I seem to take care of the people who rent from me, work for me, or even those who work with me.
These women are often referred to as being "One of John's Girls".
Not that I hook-up with them but everyone seems to know that I'm looking out for them.
Others end up looking out for them as well because they understand that in doing so they are also looking out for me.

1 comment:

DF said...

Well you are their Captain. LOL

Hey we all have a soft spot to help people who need simple things. Part of appreciating what others do for you is you taking a little bit of your time to keep them whole. So even though it's also in your best interest it's also just part of being a guy who can when others can't.