Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Enemies

These House Negroes and most others like them.

But don't they look just dandy?
Again, I was asked to join a group of Black men who imagine themselves as being better than all other Black men.
"It's an honor not given to many", I was told.
I support this local organization when their actions agree with mine but I don't wish to belong to any group which excludes others predicated on social status - I had enough of that back in high school. 

I've always hated the term "Talented Tenth" - it's as though some believed that they alone were predestined to rule over and subjugate others.
Sure, I can come across as polished and erudite - it's an easy act to accomplish - but then the "Mutha'-Fucka's" come flying out of my mouth when someone takes advantage of another.
Many of these men came from the same culture they now disdain - others are so far removed from this culture that their ideas and concepts are no longer valid.

"But you're "Bougie" just like us.", one member would say.
"Octoroon Please (Yeah, I stole that phrase from SeeNew - but they don't know it.)... . First of all it's Bourgeois or Bourgeoisie. "Bougie" is a colloquialism used by those who cannot pronounce it the correct way. Secondly, I attend to and deal with those y'all Nigga's are afraid of or imagine yourselves too good for on a daily basis.", I would reply.

"But, but... . Many in your family are members of (fill in elite Black organizations here) and (fill in the rest here). You give away more than most of our members have.", another member would continue. 
"The thing is - I am not from here. I don't know nor recognize anyone I am supposed to try to impress. Your little Boule organization is just an imitation of a white imitation of a European imitation of some obscure cult bent on subjugating others. You have no real power - what you have is an imitation of an imitation of power. Real power comes from being free to make ones own choices without being beholden to some status-seeking group. You're not the master, nor are you the master's helper - y'all are just the wolves in sheep's clothing serving the master of this world leading those who should know better to the dark side of humanity.", I replied.

In all honesty, if these guys came to me for my philanthropic work - I may have listened.
Since they came after me for my perceived status and my ability to be above the childish acts of racism because many whites they wish to befriend are already friends with me - Effum.


DF said...

Hooray UBJ turned away the Boule! LMBAO..

As a fellow outsider I'm glad to hear your response. I got a approached by 3 groups asking me to join. I told them I like my independence but if they needed my help I wouldn't mind pitching in.

I'm from the talented bottom tenth of life so I guess my pedigree is not as pure. Like you I don't know these folks who are supposed to be King and I am making moves without them so what does it benefit me to be part of it. Also, the people who are considered talented don't seem that talented to me. But, the leader of any group looks like a genius to the followers

You preempted my post for Friday called Remain Independent where I detail almost the same thing. For some reason in the Black race we have these wannabe important runaways who formed a fake system of check and balances with no real checks and low to no balances. If joining that group was so essential there would be Koreans, Chinese and everyone else. But, since they seem to make money, run businesses and live a good life without even speaking to them... I think I should follow that model.

brohammas said...

Rejecting the invitation to be "elite" is a tough thing to do. There is a human draw toward elevating one's self up above others. It is wrong, but a powerful draw.
Well done.
Octoroon? sure he wasn't just a quadroon?

I often feel a draw to be associated with some groups that I normally dislike simply because I grow tired of how little influence my little self has on the greater world.
Yeah, I know about doing your part and how little things make big differences, but there are bigger things to be done... and not being associated with those wielding some poweer means you have none.

Desertflower said...

Power by association, age old and will never go out of style