Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Are Times so Tough...

 ..That we must revert back to childhood?
Do adults really need to wear infantile onesies?
I just saw a commercial for these tonight and wondered, "WTF?".
 Maybe some marketing genius will combine a pillow like this...
... with a scarf like this to let us all remember the comforts of being an infant.
"New, From Ronco!!! The Nipple Pillow! Feel all your worries vanish while you sleep in the fetal position thinking of mom. *Liquor filled bladder sold separately", the ads might say.


CNu said...

If you were so inclined, you could easily compile a book about "comfort" and "comfort-seeking" - just as you've compiled a book about "status" and "status-seeking" online uncle John.

DF said...

C'mon UBJ there is a conspiracy to dumb the population down to the point where they play video games on their Dumbass smart phones, go to Dave & Busters and say it's not Chuck E Cheese with liquor and wear a Snuggie and look like a cult member.

Times aren't rough Times are dumb! Ignorance has now gone mainstream. What once was the domain of the ghetto is now becoming profitable. Remember when their were studies that the poor were ignorant and that's why they wore their pants low or didn't speak proper english? Now the educated relish in being ignorant and the ignorant buy gadgets to look smart.

C'mon you saw this coming when grown men started playing John Madden football. The Onesies answers the question how low can you go!

Desertflower said...

I happen to like onesies! They're warm and it's cold up here on this mountain!:)