Tuesday, November 15, 2011

If You're Broke...

 You're still not as bad off as many in the former 'middle-class'.
Many are mired in debt.
You just have nothing.
You are not owned by a bank.
You may not own anything - but at least you don't owe everything.
You're still liquid, you're still free.


DF said...

Exactly! The poor man in this economy is a better risk than the rich man who lost it all and got a bankruptcy on their credit report.

brohammas said...

The struggle is when you remain in poverty while the society around you rises in "standard of living." What this does is make the small things you could once afford to survive less affordable and the network that once sustained those in poverty becomes too distant to be of use.
Its like being homeless in the suburbs... no one will help you out there.