Monday, October 31, 2011

Like Most Men...

 I'm attracted to visuals.
I have no idea what the writer was thinking in his (Or was it a 'her'... I wasn't paying attention.) post at Rippa's site (The Intersection of Madness and Reality)  but I did like this accompanying image.
Then I stopped by The Oreo Experience and saw this Halloween costume.
"I wonder if Blacks would protest if they had Halle berry dressed in this?", I thought.
Then it was off to DeeVee's site to see what he was thinking about today.
Art... almost always some type of art.
I was waiting for someone to say that DeeVee only shows Black women with "white" features.
But really... what are "white" features?
KayDub addressed this a while back when she wrote of the Sudanese and their problems with identity.

Now it's off to much more difficult and salient topics at SeeNew's site.
Being a couple weeks behind, it looks like I'm in for a long night of reading.
I winder if I'll ever experience denouement reading his complex posts?

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DF said...

LOL man sometimes I see some pictures and I think what the hell are they trying to tell me. That booty photographer picture just makes me think about all the things I have seen people on crack do. That was a crack photo for sure.

SeeNew site is a mull over and response kind of site. Read Monday Respond Tuesday. Since he always have something to say you are always behind that kind of cat.