Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Don't Want To Miss It ?

 Cable and DVD's do well but they don't seem to harm the profits of movie studios or theatres?
 Clubs do well because people like to be around different (but not too different) people?
People march, riot and protest because they wish to be part of a shared social moment?


brohammas said...

absolutely people protest to be part of something. Often times just to be part of anything.
I'm on campus these days, and still remember all those years ago when I did my first college run, and there are folks on the corner everywhere trying to hustle up bodies for whatever protest is the hot thing of the day.
Now mind you, the street preachers are NOT talking about the issues to convert and find those who support them, they are just trying to get people to show up... and THEY DO! its obvious that many are not there for the issue, they are there for the gathering.

DF said...

This generation of disgruntled workers have been brainwashed. So they now think things change by participating instead of actually doing something. Walking and shouting have replaced boycotts and potential chaos.

This is a success for the crafters of society to somehow change the molotov cocktail throwers into sign painters.