Monday, October 10, 2011

What Did We Expect?

People were tired of the Bush Presidency so they decided they needed to vote for change.
Polemics used 'race' as a tool to encourage people to vote for or against their favored candidates.
No one could be more of an outsider than a Black candidate.
Many, like myself, thought that only an outsider could affect a change in the way the country was being run.
In the end we are stuck with another politician beholden to corporations.
What we ended up with is the same politician... only in a different color.
Was Obama only a false prophet while Ron Paul is the true political messiah?


DF said...

Don't get conned by the devil as Ron Paul is a bigot and so is his son. This country has always been ran by big business aka corporations as the whole education system is a feeder. The problem now is they have laws in their favor. So the revolution is not in the candidate but in policy. It'll all start with campaign finance reform as that will get rid of the need for political prostitution.

John Kurman said...

I trust Paul about as far as I can spit. He sucks dick just like every other politician. And his son? Why, Rand Paul has learned to unlatch his jaw to suck that really big corporate dick.