Monday, October 31, 2011


When one is strong - he should appear weak.

But the majority of people work harder on appearing strong than they do on actually being strong.
If wisdom comes from sorrow then strength must come from difficulty or opposition.
It seems that no one wants to face failure - so, few make an effort in any thing.
Few have done the groundwork which would enable him to support his success if it ever came.
Humility takes effort... and focus.
One must focus on his goal and not on all the accolades or criticisms of others.
One must focus on his vision even when others show doubt.
"Faith", "Knowledge", "Confidence" and "Humility" - while they may not be synonymous, they do seem to be interwoven.


DF said...

Or you can be selfish about your goal and avoid everyone and people will give you all these great accolades as long as you don't open your mouth.

uglyblackjohn said...

Dude, at this time my club is doing great.
Other clubs are scrambling to do what I do in an effort to get the same results.
I'd worked most of these clubs so I thought I'd taught them all the tricks.
They just got sidetracked by chasing ev-er-y penny and ended up with almost nothing.

DF said...

You are the reason things do well. I had to learn that a while ago when it seems whenever I left my friends went back to their destructive ways.