Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Don't Get It

One can buy cheaper liquor at a liquor store,
can listen to almost any sort of music he'd like on YouTube,
can dance in his living room,
can go to an art gallery, museum or furniture store to view a nice decor or artwork,
can talk to people at a bus station.
But people pay to go to nightclubs and leave with no money in their pockets.
(And then they do it again the following day or week?)


DF said...

The answer is... they most likely drink cheap liquor ALONE, listen to music ALONE, go to the museum or see furniture ALONE and probably never talk to anyone when they are catching the bus.

Clubs are social places for the Ahole no one likes, the introvert who gets courage from drinking cheap liquor and for many the only place people will talk to them that day.

Brohammas said...

There is value in social spaces and activites. Whether or not a club is your venue of choice is a matter of prefrence, but as DF pointed out, my living room may have great decor, the right music, and whatever beverage I may choose... it is hard to meet new people there, have a large communal experience there, and if I do have a pile of people over at home, I have to clean up afterwards.

Desertflower said...

What Brohammas said :)

Val said...


Yeah but, did you feel this way when you were 18?

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