Monday, October 31, 2011

My Bad...

Babe Ruth had twice as many strikeouts as he had home runs.
Michael Jordan only shot 50% from the floor.
Joe Montana had to take the blame for one interception for every two touchdowns thrown.
These men are generally regarded as being the best in their chosen fields - but each dealt with 'failure' on a daily basis.

Does the ability to accept ones flaws or shortcomings enable him to better use his skills?


DF said...

Or do they really care at all. Does the guy with the most strikeouts really count them or does he think he'll hit the next one?

I really don't think people worry about their shortcomings or flaws at all. Especially when it's something they work in repetition to perfection. To the outside world it look like they accept their flaws but I bet you my bottom dollar they don't even think of it that way.

uglyblackjohn said...

Yeah... I think most just say, "I'm the ish in everything else so eff it.". Although Jordan DID work on his "D" when people started talking about his lac of it.

DF said...

Jordan started listening to other folks to let you know he is human. Can't ignore all the naysayers forever. Sooner or later they break the discipline and some feel prompted to respond.

Most people think you don't care but in reality the opposition hasn't said anything worth caring about. But, when they do I think most cats feel the need to destroy the idiot who brought it up.