Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Just Wrong

Strutting Skeletons?
 No, not her....
 Nor even her... (Although the one on the right is wayyyyy too thin.).
 But some of the models on Victoria's Secret fashion show were just a bit too thin.
Most had no muscle tone and many where as thin as wire hangars.

Police Action.
 An unidentified police officer referred to kids from South East Texas high schools as "acting like thugs" after a bench-clearing brawl after a recent playoff game.
The use of excessive force and pepper spray were needed to quell the disturbance.
It's a good thing this officer didn't have a baton nearby.

Little Hookers ?
 It's the parent's fault.

Did he;
a) Need a hug as a kid?
b) Need to be told "No" more often as a kid?
c) Turn out just fine?


Val said...

There is no way your questions can be answered just by looking at that photo.

uglyblackjohn said...

(Of course not Val.)

CNu said...

is that a rough-trade drag-thug bottom publicly acting out all his profound sex and identity issues all in one jumbled up hot mess?

(is that the reflection of a little girl in the window looking over her shoulder at that hot mess acting out in public?)

DF said...

Express Yourself.. that's what they are doing.

Skinny is the way most white people see perfection. Think of a lolliipop stick with two cherries hanging in front and that's what they are going for.

Po po are just scared white guys with guns. So when you are scared and you are sent in to stop a bunch of teenagers from fighting you have to get your gun. Instead of being a man and realizing it's not that damn dangerous they result to being scared of the same thing that scared their grandfather. A wild strong Black man in white folks minds is like the chupacabra and they have to be prepared.

Little Hookers or just baby doll syndrome. When you were a kid I'm sure the women in your family had a doll, then put on their mothers makeup and then someone had to pull them back from putting on fishnet. So why be surprised when you see it in real life. I've seen little boys that have fathers who try to make them Heisman trophy winners at 5 years old.

Black heels guy is conducting a experiment to see how many people will say WTF. He is doing some recon on facial expression that express bewilderment.OR, he is waiting on the bus to take him to the most confusing Halloween party ever created.

Desertflower said...

Weirdness, but actually he doesn't look bad,he's got a well put together look, just not the norm.

I recently saw a picture of Lenny Kravitz in New York with those same boots on and he had a capelike sort of shirt and a man bag. But he looked nice.

Desertflower said...

Link to Lenny Kravitz pic


amanda said...

He looks just fine although the fashion police should be on to him for crimes against the groin wearing those low, low shorts.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Amanda & Desertflower - On YOU it would look good - on this dude... he's NOT Lenny Kravitz.

CNu said...

That Teddy Pendergrass hairy-faced and hairy assed muhphuggah wearing stiletto boots, hose, and sagging some shorts down well underneath his draws....,

Now, Lenny Kravitz needs to be shot with hot pee for perpetrating those wedgie boots - hopefully - he was just doing a compensated favor for some or another excessively silly designer.

This tore up bruvva out his natural mind, cruising for rough trade, and psychologically scarring young chirren like the little girl reflected rubbernecking in the window.

Desertflower said...

CNu: hahahaha